December 18, 2023 – Bella Hadid Goes To The Gym In Meshki Jacket

Earlier today, Bella Hadid was photographed going to the gym in New York City. She showed off her activewear, featuring a Meshki zip-up jacket and rolldown flare pants from Hard Tail. As for her accessoires, Bella stylishly shielded her eyes with a pair of vintage Blinde sunglasses, and topped off with Nike Air Max sneakers and a vintage Von Dutch bag. Keep reading for buying information.

Jacket: Meshki Seamless Zip Through Jacket (not available)
Jacket: Zara Reflective Parka Jacket (not available)
Pants: Hard Tail Rolldown Bootleg Flare Pants ($75)
Bag: Vintage Von Dutch Bowling Bag (not available)
Sunglasses: Blinde Bambino Float Sunglasses ($19.95 on Ebay)
Shoes: Nike Air Max 95 GS Sneakers (similar available for $175)

Photo courtesy of @gr8images

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