Instagram: Bella Hadid Starts Her Morning In Deadly Doll T-Shirt

Only Miss Bella Hadid knows how to look this good in the mornings. Lol ;). She posted a hot hot HOT morning selfie while wearing a cute lil ‘Deadly Doll’ tee that’s part of her BFF Jesse Jo Stark’s merchandise collection. Don’t get your hopes up too high, unfortunately it sold out in no time. A little birdie told us she’s also wearing a comfy pair of GAP hipsters. Last but not least, we caught a glimpse of her latest butterfly phone case, which appears to be from Wildflower Cases. Keep reading for buying information.

Jesse Jo Stark
Deadly Doll Cropped Baby Tee

GAP | on sale for $6.00
Breathe Hipsters

Beepy Bella | $275
Mellow Mars Necklace

Beepy Bella | $220
Teddy Earrings

Wildflower Cases | $35
Butterfly Sky iPhone Case

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